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Hello, new friend and colleague! I'm Sydney, a New Englander who will weather any weather. At age three, I founded my own dinner theatre in the Weiser residence, featuring short musicals about a Pumpkin and a Penguin. Since then, my desire to create theatre has been insatiable.

I believe that theatre, like a good meal, should be savored. We often zoom from activity to activity, and theatre encourages us to slow down and to be present instead. We come together to celebrate life and consider how to heal this fractured world by sharing the amalgam of our experiences and the inherited experiences of our predecessors that make each of us who we are. In my work, I honor the individual in order for us to collaborate and uncover the truth about this human experience we share.



I have a wooden duck named Mallard in my bedroom.
I have two older sisters (and they are uber talented and kind, and I look up to them immensely).
I have donated my hair three times, and there was a year or two when a section of my hair was pink.
In my first grade Hero Show, I played Ethel Merman.
Until I was twelve and played Annie, I had a pathological fear of dogs.
I was vegetarian for eight years.


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