I am an actor and director, a youngest child, a cat lover, and an advocate for body and queer positivity. Originally from New England (I take great pride in withstanding the cold), I started out with classical training-- arias and cantatas in French, German, Spanish, Italian. I love my classical roots and adore those legit soprano gems, and I also have found my own voice.  I am drawn to work that celebrates the beauty of the human body, queerness, and individuality. My own sense of individuality means that some days, I wear flannels and boots, and some days, I wear turtlenecks and berets and sparkle sneakers. It means that I love learning for the sake of learning, that I feel empowered by cooking, that I DJ’d my sister’s wedding.

My resume will tell you that I got my BFA in musical theatre and directing from Marymount Manhattan College. I will tell you that I believe theatre, like a good meal, should be savored. We come together to celebrate life and consider how to heal this fractured world by sharing the amalgam of our experiences and the inherited experiences of our predecessors that make each of us who we are. In my work, I honor the individual in order for us to collaborate and uncover the truth about this human experience we share.


I was Marymount Manhattan College's Class of 2021 valedictorian. 

I have a wooden duck named Mallard in my bedroom.
I have donated my hair three times, and there was a year or two when a section of my hair was pink.
In my first grade Hero Show, I played Ethel Merman.
Until I was twelve and played Annie, I had a pathological fear of dogs.
I was vegetarian for eight years.

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