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Playhouse On Park's production of Indecent won the Connecticut Critic's Circle Award for

Best Ensemble.


"Most poignant and a bravura understudy performance-Sydney Weiser.  Weiser also brings youthful excitement, and then subtle despair, to her secondary role as Asch's wife. "
-Brooks Appelbaum, Broadway World

"Weiser...provides a range of emotions from enthusiasm to heartbreak to determination. She backs up her emotional expertise with a physicality that says “squirrel” while still adding dimension to her interpretation."
- Bridgette M. Redman, OnStage Blog

"Tremendously fun and athletic is Sydney Weiser as Sandy Cheeks, the Texan scientist squirrel, whose indefatigability shows in her spontaneous karate chops and round house kicks."
-Marin Heinritz, REVUE Magazine

"Now for some of the exemplary performances: All the ghosts, Sydney Weiser as Past, Kevin Mahaney as Present, and Jay Glover as Marley are captivating.  Weiser and Glover are wonderful new additions to the seacoast. Both offer beautifully colored, authentic performances, and assured, delightful voices."
- Jeanné McCartin, ARTPORTNH

 "Sydney Weiser is a terrific Columbia, full of frenetic energy and a surprising depth of emotion with her groupie’s heartbreak."
-Marin Heinritz, REVUE Magazine

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