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Playhouse On Park's production of Indecent won the Connecticut Critic's Circle Award for

Best Ensemble.


"Weiser...provides a range of emotions from enthusiasm to heartbreak to determination. She backs up her emotional expertise with a physicality that says “squirrel” while still adding dimension to her interpretation."
- Bridgette M. Redman, OnStage Blog

"Most poignant and a bravura understudy performance-Sydney Weiser.  Weiser also brings youthful excitement, and then subtle despair, to her secondary role as Asch's wife. "
-Brooks Appelbaum, Broadway World

"Tremendously fun and athletic is Sydney Weiser as Sandy Cheeks, the Texan scientist squirrel, whose indefatigability shows in her spontaneous karate chops and round house kicks."
-Marin Heinritz, REVUE Magazine

 "Sydney Weiser is a terrific Columbia, full of frenetic energy and a surprising depth of emotion with her groupie’s heartbreak."
-Marin Heinritz, REVUE Magazine

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