Sydney Weiser is an NYC based actor and director. A queer, Jewish theatre-maker, Sydney is passionate about art that embraces individuality and promotes healthy relationships with our bodies. Originally from Connecticut, Sydney is graduating with her BFA in musical theatre and BA in directing from Marymount Manhattan College.

When not performing, Sydney enjoys experimenting with new recipes, working with kids, and following her curiosity-- sometimes to classes on linguistics, sometimes to a Rubik's Cube tutorial.


Fun Facts

  • I had the honor of being Marymount Manhattan College's 2021 Valedictorian.

  • I DJ'd my sister's wedding. My DJ alter ego was 'DJ Kittyliterz.'

  • I have a wooden duck named Mallard in my bedroom.

  • I have donated my hair three times, and there was a year or two when a section of my hair was pink.

  • In my first grade Hero Show, I played Ethel Merman.

  • Until I was twelve and played Annie, I had a pathological fear of dogs-- I'm still definitely more of a cat person.

  • I was vegetarian for eight years.